Funds Deposit & Withdrawal

Funds Deposit & Withdrawal2023-12-14T16:31:04+00:00

Client can deposit funds to our designated bank account by the following ways:
– Bank Transfer
– Cheque Deposit
– Remittance

Our Company will ONLY require client to deposit funds into our designated bank account. Please do not deposit to other bank accounts that are not designated by us. Please refer to the below for our bank accounts details.

We DO NOT accept third party deposit.

After deposit, client should fax (852)3977 3300 or email the deposit slip to us with client’s name and securities account number written on.

All funds deposited before 16:00 will be handled on the same day. Funds received by our company after cut off time will be handled on next working day.

Bank may charge remittance fee, please check with your bank for details.

If we have any doubts about the funds deposited from client, we will not handle the deposit instruction until we receive sufficient supporting documents from client. If no supporting document is provided, the deposited funds will be returned to the client and any cost incurred will be wholly borne by client.

Our bank accounts details:

Bank Name Account No.(HKD) Account No.(USD) Account No.(RMB)
HSBC 518-165451-002 518-127097-274
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited 012-594-1-019611-9 012-594-0-801175-8 012-594-0-601163-9

Client can give funds withdrawal instruction to our Customer Services Department by fax, email or phone. Funds withdrawal instruction placed before 10:30 will be handled on the same day. Otherwise, the withdrawal instruction will be handled on the next working day.

Please send us the completed and signed“Funds Withdrawal / Currency Exchange Form” available at “Form Download” section by fax or email to for funds withdrawal to a bank account which has not been registered with us

We DO NOT accept funds withdrawal instruction to a third party