Q: Is there any minimum funds requirement on securities account opening?
A: No

Q: Is there any charge on securities account opening?
A: No

Q: How long does it take to open a securities account?
A: Client can open a securities account with us by having witnessed by our staff or by post. Under normal circumstances, it takes around 3 working days to complete the account opening process upon we receive all the required documents. Once the securities account is opened, client can start trading upon having funds deposited.

Q: How to know whether the securities account is opened successfully?
A: Once the account opening application is approved, notification will be sent out to client by email/post. Online trading password will be sent in a separate email if client applies online trading services. If client wants to check the application progress, client can contact our Customer Services at (852) 3977 3388 during office hours.

Q: Which type of securities account can a client chooses to open?
A: Client (Individual/Joint and Corporate) can choose to open cash securities account or margin securities account.

Q: What are the differences between cash securities account and margin securities account?
A: Cash securities account rely solely on client’s own funds to settle transactions without any margin financing. Margin account has the option to buy securities through margin financing provided by our company. Client is given a credit limit so he/she could utilize his/her capital flexibly when trading securities. It should be noted that once client utilizes margin financing, our company is entitled for repledging or force selling the securities in margin accounts.

Q: How to deposit funds into securities account?
A: Client can deposit funds by different ways to our company’s designated bank account. Client should then send the pay-in slip to us by fax (852) 3977 3300 or by email cs@gcsecurities.com.hk. We will deposit the funds into client’s securities account once the funds is confirmed to be received by us. The cut off time for the deposit transaction is 16:00. Funds received after the cut off time will be handled on next working day.

Q: How to place funds withdrawal instructions?
A: Please download “Funds Withdrawal / Currency Exchange Form” at our company website, and fax: (852) 3977 3300, email: cs@gcsecurities.com.hk or by post to our Customer Services Department. After signature specimen verification and taped telephone confirmation, we will arrange the funds withdrawal to your designated bank account. The cut off time for the withdrawal instruction is 11:00. Withdrawal Instruction received after the cut off time will be handled on next working day.

Please refer to “Customer Services” ”Funds Deposit & Withdrawal”

Q. How to place orders?
A: -Phone: Call your Account Executive or our dealing department to place orders.
    -Online trading: Perform order placing, account enquiry and stock quote through our online trading platform.
    -Mobile app: Download the mobile trading app for iPhone or Android to place orders.

Q: What if client forgets the login password?
A: Client can call our customer service hotline (852) 3977 3388. After identity verification, the password will be reset and sent to client’s registered email again.

Q: Can client place orders at any time?
A: Yes, client can place orders at any time, even after the market is closed. Such orders will be processed in the next trading day.

Q: What are the trading hours of HK stock market?
A: The trading hours of HK stock market are Mon-Fri 9:30 a.m.to 12:00 noon, 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The market is closed on Sat, Sun and Public holiday.

Q: What does it mean for T+2 settlement?
A: It is the settlement method used in HK stock market. T is the trading day, settlement day is T+2 days which is the time securities and funds have to be settled.

Q: Can the stock bought be sold on the same day?
A: Yes. HK market trading mode is T+0, which means that as long as there are stocks held in the account, they can be sold out during any trading session.

Q. What are the procedures for securities withdrawal or Settlement Instruction?
A: Client should download the “Investor/Securities Settlement Instruction (I.S.I. / S.I.) Form” from our website. Fill in and sign the form and fax to (852) 3977 3300 or email cs@gcsecurities.com.hk, or you may contact our Customer Services Hotline and we will arrange for you.

Q: What is the CCASS Participant ID of Greater China Securities Limited?
A: The CCASS Participant ID of Greater China Securities Limited is B01691.

Q: How to apply for an IPO?
A: Client may use white forms, yellow forms, or subscribe electronically in cash or by IPO financing. Please note that client can only apply by onlyone mean. Duplicate subscription may be rejected in its entirety.

Q. When will the IPO allocation results be announced?
A: Allocation results will be announced in accordance with the timetable in the Prospectus. Our Company will inform client on the same day upon allocation results announcement.

Q. How to pay for IPO subscription?
A: Client is required to deposit full amount of the subscription money, including fees and levies, into his/her securities account before the “Cut Off Date”. Our company will deduct the full subscription amount from the client’s account on the “Deposit Date”. If the client fails to deposit the subscription amount to the securities account before the “payment deadline”, our company will not process the client’s subscription application.

Q: What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
A: On 27 December, 2017, Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission announced 20 security requirements for online trading, and two-factor authentication (2FA) was launched on 28 April, 2018. 2FA is a principle-based certification that reduces the risk of malicious intrusion of client accounts. In simple terms, dual authentication uses the client’s private password and security tool password as a two-factor authentication method. Client first login to the trading app with a private password, then opens the phone security app (please install it in advance), and the one-time password (OTP)(timed update) will be displayed in the security app for additional certification.